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OMFG Series 1 Bait Exclusive Transparent Purple!

So these guys are kind of neat. I stumbled on them a little while back. I listen to lots of podcasts. I mean l o t s of them. Many of the toy/action figure ones talked about these at one point or another. Each set normally runs about $10. Some of the old sets can run you a pretty penny, but there are plenty of others out there you can find easily if you just want to get one of each character. Right now, as of this post, there are three series with the fourth kickstarter about to start soon. Let's takea look at these guys.

 photo 64732d5b-5e1d-468c-b7e3-29c5f2c944b5_zps1c3e498d.jpg

 photo 64732d5b-5e1d-468c-b7e3-29c5f2c944b5_zps1c3e498d.jpg

This is the header card. It has the designers' names and such on here. On the inside of the card is the header for the series 2 clear yellow.

 photo a882b4fa-8f94-4d2d-b6d7-04c809c87bb2_zps5bd2d3f2.jpg

Here are all five together.

 photo 08926bf1-33cc-4fb6-bacf-5fc181bf0ec1_zps10f83d47.jpg

Here they are with some other figure offerings so you can get a sense of size

 photo 60a6d238-e88d-49c9-be8d-0f3919332baf_zps2076f288.jpg

First is Crawdad Kid by Daniel Yu (Dory). He's cool, but my least favorite. I like the head a lot.

 photo d070d7c8-3445-4854-af08-bbf1e22a1c1d_zpsf527a68d.jpg

A shot from behind

 photo 557559f9-8827-434e-9c71-102bb33cbc7e_zps87dd5578.jpg

You can kind of see the face better with this shot.

 photo c1dc1c4f-1a4b-4d1c-b748-87321442282d_zps13aee318.jpg

Here is a small comparison with a traveler.

 photo 48650df4-0d71-42c0-9903-618d6d5ad539_zps76a3a504.jpg

Next up is Stroll by John "Spanky" Stokes and George Gaspar. This one hits a Where the Wild Things Are spot for me. I can imagine this guy in a children's book. Oh god that lighting is awful.

 photo a553a24d-a88d-4717-8127-b4faac44b2e9_zpseff2dabe.jpg

A shot from behind. Yes, he has an ass.

 photo 4ed0bebd-f334-4040-93f7-c3e4d551f3aa_zpse4b3fced.jpg

Here he is next to a Mordle.

 photo ec7eaa85-b133-46c2-8866-95fcc00c61ee_zps5cc44271.jpg

Next is the marvelous Multiskull by Charles Marsh of Monsterforge. This one is pretty badass. The detail on MS is REALLY nice. So many skulls!

 photo 4c2258c4-f265-41c5-8cf7-cf2d79ed57f1_zpse331416c.jpg

A shot from behind, with the obligatory amazing lighting (sarcasm).

 photo 008558a0-385c-464b-9026-1db99b8e0af9_zps449ecc69.jpg

Here he is with an Armorvor.

 photo ef6af0f8-0c8e-40ce-a64d-278fa72c06c1_zps18c083f9.jpg

Next up is the Phantom Outhouse by Kyle Thye and Ralph Niese. The concept of this piece is all kinds of awesome.

 photo a67f061e-7cc2-49a2-b64f-b759fd997f8f_zps0972a008.jpg

From behind.

 photo 0797d056-424f-4076-926c-254281b62f08_zps2057c530.jpg

Here he is with a gobon.

 photo 98ee2c9f-429f-4958-b52b-9260361678ee_zpsee11c0df.jpg

Next up is King Castor by Dominic Campisi (the evil earwig). He is probably my favorite of the five.

 photo 000b375e-af40-4eb7-b504-80e28e39cef2_zpsa3e87921.jpg

Here he is from behind. It looks like there is some sort of jetpack or canteen on his back. I can't tell. A lot of details fall through the cracks on these clear versions of the characters. Its hard to see his face even when holding the figure itself.

 photo 513012b9-2145-4ddc-9760-03bc8caaeb2d_zps7045f859.jpg

And here he is with a Weaponeer of Monkaa for a size comparison. So I like these guys. Like I said above, the details can get lost in the clear versions of these. I suggest picking up an opaque set to go along with the clear if you must have them.

 photo a62992f9-8af6-457d-9ae6-d2ccef329dbe_zps30de9671.jpg

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