Thursday, October 31, 2013

Nistuff's NYCC 2013/My Plastic Heart Exclusives Outlander Hemic and Stygian

Happy Halloween everyone. Lets look at a nice set of figures of which one my camera HATES. This is Nistuff's (knee-stuff) NYCC 2013/ Exclusive Hemic and Stygian Outlanders! From what I can tell from his website 481 Universe, the dude is a fantastic Gylos customizer who went to the next level and casted his own character, the Outlander. This specific set of Outlanders comes from My Plastic Heart and was available from their table at NYCC 2013 (just search for "nistuff" on their site).

 photo 377c7dd2-d9f7-482e-8795-7b7a89d106f1_zps297b992f.jpg

Looking like some sort of alien astronaut, the Outlanders are made of the same tough production pvc that most Glyos figures are made from. It feels good in the hands.

 photo 2c1d6672-9675-4353-a973-4ab69df4d607_zps85652f09.jpg

Their helmets are removable.

 photo c3aa6207-f97a-4501-86c4-fe3cdf768d8f_zps321ee6f3.jpg

Flipping the helmet around, you can get this odd looking visor head.

 photo 76269fb8-8b4a-4282-92c0-c7a7209464a2_zps8d77c757.jpg

Unlike other Glyos figures, the Outlanders have a static upper leg pieces. This means you can't swap both of them from each side to make him stand up straighter like most Glyos figures. That wouldn't be a big deal, but the Outlander stands a little awkwardly and can be a butt to stand sometimes. Sometimes. Not all the time.

 photo 44d59532-4415-4503-8bff-b0a8d5add82d_zps416c5801.jpg

You can also flip the upper torso piece to give the Outlander a more human look. This is actually pretty cool. He doesn't look as gangly.

 photo a207d7aa-ddbe-4e85-b0e7-87ce99339105_zps5a923f5c.jpg


 photo 2f8963ad-8be7-4277-9502-46f4738d0544_zps0049943f.jpg

And boom! Here are all the parts included plus two switch pins in the legs I didn't feel like tearing out. All the parts have that smooth Glyos system interchangability.

 photo 5811eb3d-aaf9-4b05-9c77-983f7dbc161f_zpsa4e0f82a.jpg

Here's the other one exploded.

 photo f29fb77e-b4a7-4a50-8a42-d79246d95a45_zps15276034.jpg

You can combine the parts and create the single colorways. You'll also notice that the Hemic colored pieces are not quite the cherry red from the photos. Looking at it head on, it appears more orange. Its like the difference between cherry and fruit punch kool-aid.

 photo 0281abcf-0d8d-4514-9c95-aa3e999b8ed9_zpsb27a2a58.jpg

Aside from the colored shoulders and head, the Stygian version can look very similar to the Blank Black Outlander, Nistuff's third outlander release.

 photo 062b71cd-80d4-43c6-afbd-0c93e2789014_zps3031e3a2.jpg

A little size comparison with the same figure I looked at yesterday.

 photo df52da04-766c-4d35-aeb6-361b706da042_zps0396112f.jpg

 photo f4d5bf04-03bd-4acf-8643-cda2e92e24eb_zps27d2f477.jpg

You can swap the pieces of course, making some interesting combinations. The Outlander adds a few nice unique pieces to the mix.

 photo 142c28df-af93-4319-a425-71fda1ffff1b_zpsa5b6fb19.jpg

I see you.

 photo 710a7d59-a4c3-4280-8454-fa9f192574e5_zps46ecc191.jpg

So nice.

 photo 97b39648-8961-483e-9a46-fd46f3decce5_zps8eae35aa.jpg

Each figure also comes with a sticker that can be used in Nistuff's figure redemption. The only difference with these stickers is that you get a +1, meaning they count as two stickers. If you buy both figures, you're already half way there to the redemption figure. SPOILER

Overall, the Outlander is a nice addition to your Glyos collection. I really enjoy the aesthetic of an alien astronaut to go along with my Traveler and so forth. At $10 a pop, they're not badly priced either. If you're going for an Outlander, they normally sell out very quickley from Nistuff's site, so don't hesitate if you see one you like! Be safe out there tonight on Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NYCC 2013 Onell Designs Ecroyex Mimic Armorvor

So October 20th has some and gone. That date marked the Glyos drop from NYCC for those folks like me who are too poor or too busy to go to NYCC. I was there right on time and I was able to grab up everything I wanted from the drop. First, and foremost, I picked up the Ecroyex Mimic Armorvor with that DELICIOUS blue. For $8, he was right on the money for me. This is my first foray into the Armorvor mold and I like what I see. I know I'm late to the game, but here we go!

 photo 03ceaf44-036a-4069-8947-a8afa16b403c_zps66cc6e4c.jpg

The first morning I had him, here he is on my stark-white coffee table.

 photo ed0c576d-5e50-4b76-a242-4f0a9b525ab4_zpsc2943862.jpg

Face on.

 photo d996497d-b346-422c-9683-aa25a04e3986_zps86e9e40d.jpg

Back view with gun mounted on back. It makes a nice little jetpack or airtank looking thing. Maybe a programming panel?

 photo 2905a792-86f6-4ec9-9ee9-e1fabdeb6b4d_zpsb15655e6.jpg

And a side view.

 photo c168b015-825d-4c25-8276-59752d1271e7_zps4e4390e5.jpg

Looking good. That red really pops on his chest. Its very subtle in the visor, but the red makes him look fierce.

 photo cff932bf-718f-438c-95b1-a233164c9753_zps73fa67b3.jpg If you turn the head around, you get this dog face thing. It looks good but could use some paint on the panel lines where its mouth would be.

If you turn the head around, you get this dog face thing. It looks good but could use some paint on the panel lines where its mouth would be.

 photo 084de074-5fd5-4095-aea3-e841eb3e7f69_zps7b36d23a.jpg

This is the figure with the head removed and the gun on top. Looks like some sort of beefy drone.

 photo 670a59e9-1830-49dc-810c-c5219f2b7532_zpsdbed3989.jpg

Kind of an odd view. This is the gun turned around.

 photo 2be64cbe-49f4-44d5-a55b-68b00ff6cb14_zps56c90667.jpg

Finally, here is the gorgeous silver head that it comes with. I really enjoy the silver on this head as opposed to the flat colors on the other two NYCC Armorvors.

 photo a7220461-ee1a-4fd6-9256-45362fd7b967_zps3aa4f89c.jpg

Make my day.

 photo bcc19274-7e8a-434c-9aa6-3bbfea8bedb5_zpsdeab9fcc.jpg

 photo 2e0d390b-0d08-48bc-9c3c-4c4aa01937b1_zps8af298c7.jpg

Victory or death!

 photo 0aaf6ac4-482f-4e30-8ef9-4a627699386d_zpsce06c968.jpg

Ok, death. These are all the pieces included once he's broken down. As far as posability goes, every piece pictured is a swivel joint. The arms and legs are not cut exactly straight, so they can move in and out slightly to create some poses. While I like these colors a lot, I think any Armorvor will do if you're interested. If you want a nice little armored wolf-guy, this guy will do! Add some axis joints and he can be a little more posable and have more bulk. Cya next time.