Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 C2E2 & PCCKC Exclusive Mystic Warriors of the Ring

Seeing how I was infected with the OMFG/OTMFG bug earlier this year, these guys seemed right up my alley. I went to PCCKC (Planet Comic-Con Kansas City) earlier in the year. My one and only intent outside of social stuff was to grab the new Kabuto Mushis from the Truecast Studio table. While there bullshitting, I went ahead and decided to pick up a set of the exclusives to put on my OMFG shelf.

 photo e4743551-e0b8-4e07-8800-b83c44dd0d6e_zps5ecd0e62.jpg

Here's the package. Simple and sweet, to keep the cost down. Like a lot of this stuff. The picture is a sticker.

 photo 0ade5d2a-3947-452a-bd9d-89c13942a305_zpsf04b3807.jpg

Here are the characters inside the baggie.

 photo df1e2236-b05c-4a26-a82f-2e39baff0698_zpse72c8c26.jpg

Here are all three characters set out.

 photo b26370e0-d658-446a-a598-dd5ee8dd1230_zps6044ae57.jpg

This is the Widowmaker. He's my second favorite of the trio. As you can probably tell, he's got some spider features. To me there are some tribal features too, like the large headdress like headsculpt.

 photo 2ec4111f-c59f-4c64-9db9-a8b9b0d74170_zpsd6a6bf02.jpg

Shot from behind. Here you slightly make out the bugs on his middle elbowpads.

 photo 877ac911-b46e-46bf-b02a-7e49b14ff613_zpsf1f4bb98.jpg

A little bit closer shot so you can see the detail on Widowmaker's chest chest and face.

 photo 8d2fef1b-e0f4-4cc9-b383-ea79f800b450_zpse0e49247.jpg

In an almost fist-pump pose, here is Sheldon Sabre. While being my least favorite, he's still pretty cool. There are some fun details such as the tiger stripes on his shoulders and legs. He also has some detailing on his kneepads.

 photo be62eb1d-3e90-49b6-a8d9-31838760e6a6_zps2b898aab.jpg

Shot from behind

 photo ad2fa460-a9fe-4a8d-973f-7fecce09859b_zpscca98aa4.jpg

And finally, my favorite of the three, is Kayin Kungaa. He's the largest of the trio at nearly 2.5" tall. He also REALLY wants to fall over backwards. I find it fitting the big guy has the single strap get-up like the Big Show used to have.

 photo 3951d433-dd52-4cb1-a3ba-1c0f5d5f4b5c_zps9d95737b.jpg

 photo bc075b8d-f657-47a9-aa67-dff8458a8750_zps225eefac.jpg

Here you can see Kayin's fur a little better. For some reason that little tuft of hair on his head cracks me up.

 photo ac8ebba4-9fb6-445e-8ace-60c80356d9bd_zpsa4c70727.jpg

 photo ba4a473a-a3e0-4d65-aa2d-12b4e15a572d_zpsb27ebc2a.jpg

This is all three with some other figures from other lines. In conclusion, I kind of like these guys. I'd love to see more wrestlers come out in this scale. For $9, they're a fun little trio of figures to have. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that they made a wrestling ring to with these guys! You can get all your information about this series here