Monday, January 20, 2014

Underworld Edition Mordles by Toyfinity

Well I guess I should review these little shits. These are Mordles and they're brought to you by Toyfinity. You know, those roboforce guys. The mordles were little creatures from an obscure 80's toy line called Rocks and Bugs and Things. They're cute, little, unarticulated monsters that I had to check out. This is the Underworld Edition set. Each set contains 10 unique mordles. Many sets are still available on the website and you can check out all the colors. I got these with the glow in the dark set for some contrast. For about $10, you get a small bag like below

 photo 28a34993-1fe4-41fe-868f-008695ca9c9a_zpsa81bfe7f.jpg

 photo fc178ddb-5074-455a-94b9-bb560daaf67d_zps4a9d86d9.jpg

Here is the back of the card.

 photo d1e6f625-160e-4582-b36a-ef577439b30f_zps1c1f0c93.jpg

And here they are all crammed into their bag.

 photo c1c30ab6-10da-4f63-880d-8fd8d26810ac_zps3ee2c338.jpg

Here they are unleashed.

 photo ba61e669-a994-41f2-8e13-17c985e11f50_zps62f44003.jpg

Starting off, this glum little guy is Serikachen. He looks pretty sad or just doesn't appear to have much of an opinion of you. Either that or he has to poop.

 photo e88fc36e-5793-464d-8a0f-f5a0d24dedb2_zps597d4290.jpg

This grinning little joker is the Zerak. That's Zerak, not Zarak. He's probably one of my favorites. He's also been blown up into a larger version, which I'll look at some day.

 photo 72b952e1-414c-4743-9dcc-afad198bcc23_zps0076b7ff.jpg

This is Murlun. He seems very fed up with things. His toenail paint apps are on the back as you can see in the picture below.

 photo 01ec3324-3f49-4ca5-bba1-b42eb7f5f86f_zps66011e96.jpg


 photo c1d3bb5b-ba41-490d-9224-1ea60e20eaee_zps70839bc0.jpg

This is Erixmes. He appears to be the tallest of the group. Oh he's so growly.

 photo 172be10c-49a6-40fd-a5bc-d7413131f90c_zps63beaedd.jpg

Next is Meh, I mean Caborux. He seems indifferent. Considering he was just another victim of being eaten by rocks or bugs (or things?) he looks like he just wants to get it over with.

 photo 9f6e228d-9a54-4cfa-8f5f-d19034c348cb_zps38901599.jpg

Ok, this guy is my favorite. This is Grynt and he has better things to do than talk to you. He seems very unhappy with the state of things and could go for a few drinks.

 photo 7aa61d64-a45a-466e-bcae-d709e8f5de99_zpsbc40de48.jpg

Here we have Talmesca, who can't control his pent up teenage angst.

 photo 654c9a95-8dbd-47c5-b094-af713d50eef8_zpse1892b3c.jpg

This is Rellun. He partied WAY too hard last night.

 photo f209b0c7-8aba-47c0-86bc-dad964493cbe_zpsa347dd27.jpg

This chunky little guy is Vlain.

 photo ce1cbceb-f420-4203-957a-7ccc9f043cff_zpsb0b4c8d3.jpg

This is Yorzwurl, who I totally remembered to take a picture of. I swear.

 photo 525582ca-f8bf-4c46-93f4-661332944d6c_zps916b65e5.jpg

Here they are with a traveler.

 photo 10dae046-1c0c-41d8-a90d-82d7b56529a6_zps4326f58c.jpg

But they look so friendly.

 photo 1fedf739-d9d3-4a36-a546-c034c4046c8a_zps03c1c935.jpg

The gang is just shorter than a Crayboth.

 photo b2fb2e79-cc58-4570-9eee-b02f1f4bffda_zpsc87be59a.jpg

They're around the same height as a Mini Mushi.

 photo 48280281-f630-4533-895f-a0f6dedb8434_zpsf7858232.jpg

You talkin' to me?

 photo f0eb3fd7-9f55-483c-9589-ec728ea4fcf7_zps72f0ce9d.jpg

Only one QC issue in the whole batch. I had one come out of the bag with his eye messed up.

 photo bef88ec5-56a1-4a44-b413-3441b5fbb9c2_zpsd9e5dc23.jpg

Let me whisper sweet things in your ear.

 photo 8221123b-38d0-43f1-8763-bc0012e6ecae_zpsdcf1ab2d.jpg

Its dangerous to go alone. Here, take this!

For $10, these guys are fun. I look at them as great throw in pieces to go with the larger Mordles or Roboforce when they drop. Its worth it to pick up a set of these little dudes.

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