Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kabuto Mushi Standard from THEGODBEAST

I've been following the development of the Kabuto Mushi for a while. 2014 hit and now here they are! Once these guys got here, I was really surprised by how many pieces each figure was composed of. The first production release consisted of a clear, reverse (mainly metallic green with metallic brown highlights), pearlescent red, and the standard version, which you'll see here.

 photo bb375e76-330e-4522-a547-ebc9b5356f1e_zpsb37ff0f3.jpg

Here he is in all his glory.

 photo ec18e212-54bf-42a3-8038-a480f3df3514_zpsc426e544.jpg

The brown has some swirls in it and it really goes well with the color.

 photo e292e16a-ee40-4aa7-b39c-1f728e0191ea_zps6aabb384.jpg

Put 'em up

 photo d6107ab1-c322-4aac-b77d-ec6101de0869_zpsabcd25e5.jpg

The extra head can sit on the back as a backpack, much like the armorvor's weapon.

 photo fa20705f-ac88-4dbc-aa03-06d80a25da9c_zps97a1f83b.jpg

Up close

 photo 3a4fe1d4-75dd-465d-ad52-97eb15ba090b_zps026505a1.jpg

Heroic Kabuto

 photo 2cdaa404-3346-4d4e-9f36-6c3dadc675ae_zps65e44197.jpg

Stand off with an Armorvor. He's slightly bigger than an Armorvor.

 photo f02388ce-41a2-433c-b75d-ebdaf3e56a57_zps0921b85e.jpg

And here he is with some other figures. He's got some good height.

 photo e9e309ca-cbb6-4e20-a7ff-e41d23633be5_zps6286ab4b.jpg


 photo 9129e3f1-5ba0-4352-8f4e-0e1eb1afc722_zpsf29bedd5.jpg


 photo 822c49b5-7c6e-4aa4-bb5c-2bba5d46ded2_zpsf956f0c2.jpg

There are SO many ways to assemble this guy. Here is one I fumbled together while taking pictures.

 photo 5b8cd9e0-5fa5-4a8e-a5bd-1d5626f4104d_zps585ae183.jpg

This is one of the builds THEGODBEAST had posted prior to the release. I keep the standard in this configuration. I love this one a lot.

 photo 7392cf36-1af6-4fab-80a2-8637f5fdc56b_zpsc51652f0.jpg

Awe hugs. Here he is with one of the mini-mushi's that were also released the same night. They're actually still in stock at the time of writing this.

 photo 8f06bf43-997e-4053-8de9-9df7d0348555_zpse10b3fc3.jpg

Obviously this is glyo's compatible. Oh man did this guy bring something new to the mix.

 photo 8d113fa2-1e36-4485-883a-8b26b31cee2c_zps5683e703.jpg

Make my day

 photo 4180f5f5-ff46-40ad-b09c-1cd3cfb9d160_zps1e0fd221.jpg

oooooh those colors

 photo 39f6aba4-05dc-4886-82a6-d3b43e6399ee_zps5ec72f43.jpg

Ah crap.

 photo b1986d6a-a0ab-444e-ac90-76fb67d59c7b_zpsb076cb7d.jpg

The alternate head

 photo cf1e3ae5-3f2e-4e3a-b274-0daa05e7811a_zps40269e1b.jpg

Spin it around and its got a slightly different look.

 photo 22ae3ea1-1169-4c93-b701-9889110f147f_zps50c861c9.jpg

Until next time....

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