Friday, December 13, 2013

Nistuff's Custom Mantube

So this is a custom from Nistuff from NYCC. If you watch Vange1us's Youtube channel, during an interview with Nistuff, Mantube is sitting on the table. This is a one of a kind custom, so I won't be taking it apart. Nistuff has a disclaimer on his website saying these aren't for heavy play, so to keep my ham-hands at bay from scratching the paint, I'm leaving him the way he is. One of the reasons I'm putting Mantube up today is because tonight is an Outlander drop from Nistuff (linked above).

 photo 574a6b9e-006c-4c8c-8c15-b4095fa242d6_zpsda7b9877.jpg

Mantube is made up of a Weaponeer of Monkaa and an Outer space man. There may also be a Glyos part in there or two.

 photo c2172552-c43d-4429-95ab-e08509aaabf0_zpsc1e965ec.jpg

 photo ecc641f7-7b66-46b9-860b-6e4866f2bf0d_zps04cb1fa8.jpg

Block with the bracer

 photo a9d61aea-7ece-45da-b2b4-86dd2bd9d586_zps49dc77a8.jpg

Then smash with the left.

 photo 5e26e7da-3a29-41de-b0da-a0f574e55989_zpsee993665.jpg


 photo eff7f8f7-9e42-48d5-a094-322e0a472c06_zps75909eef.jpg

Size comparison

 photo 69982f88-4b33-4ed1-97db-ba4c6f397551_zps96756a52.jpg


 photo 33f4130e-6037-4cfb-a189-114dea6ae091_zpscf0b3eaf.jpg


 photo c2ff1daf-5d41-4353-b838-1b4c6411c98f_zps8e526de9.jpg

From the back

 photo ff87534a-fd1c-4ebe-8f61-c20918da49cd_zps237a759b.jpg

Strange light

 photo b49a1009-bcd8-4c1b-8eae-a3c17dae3fd2_zps6a1608c1.jpg

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