Sunday, December 8, 2013

NYCC 2013 Onell Design Glyos Dark Traveler Gray Galaxy

Hola, here is another Glyos dude to check out. The Dark Traveler Gray Galaxy was released at NYCC and later through Onell's store. You could get a version (very limited run) that was carded. Carded like, I went to the store and bought an action figure on a card. The carded version also came with the wax pack of trading cards/stickers. I had a chance to get one of these from the store, but passed to get a loose one, as I was going to open him anyway! My phone HATED taking pictures of this guy, so sorry for the lower quality. So lets get one with it.

 photo a24b02c6-31fa-47c6-b395-84c3be7ecec9_zps9d0790f1.jpg

Here he is in all of his clear smokey gloriousness.

 photo 2333a82e-72ae-4134-bb5f-06db3ed804d0_zps30b50f04.jpg

A little wave

 photo 9deb927d-2b97-450b-a5e0-dda82cc8951f_zps33a9e35a.jpg

Time to bash some brains in.

 photo 67a1ee19-dab4-4cc9-9e0e-76d22bdd75aa_zps6d4c646d.jpg

Against the light

 photo 8eb01498-dca0-4e5e-a1e9-39b8a8995c22_zps104a765b.jpg

Laying down shot

 photo f299a046-e8d2-442f-9dce-b444010301e0_zpsabfebd93.jpg

He also came with an extra belt. Here you can see the extra one on the left compared to the stock one on the right.

 photo fd55d6a8-95c8-42b6-926c-a0bb2f2e86c6_zps1c76dcc3.jpg

He also came with two extra heads! They're pretty badass.

 photo 5c387177-56db-444a-89c1-838c4e4db03d_zps688a1b1a.jpg

Extra head #1

 photo c97e503a-95ea-4b19-8a59-8b255189b1cc_zpse9ca0b39.jpg

And extra head #2

 photo 52a50b8f-c048-4418-8afe-73150d32aee5_zps1fb9a471.jpg

Here is the view from the top. You can see the glitter really well from this angle.

 photo adac01b8-ad8d-4beb-a82f-325673b9d946_zps753ea632.jpg

Up, up and away!

 photo 24f723c9-3428-45d1-9423-ca6972eb6d70_zps7844ee9f.jpg

Time for a beating

 photo afb69a49-ba8b-4c69-a791-757a04cf90c7_zps4f61e1bb.jpg

Ok, ok, just kidding!

 photo e65150e4-4e56-42f5-bd95-ba6f4fe88bd1_zpse628822a.jpg

Here is a pic of the whole game (at least the ones I own)

 photo 2814210a-54d7-43d9-8f3c-886710621f3e_zps72564dec.jpg


 photo 4e01e167-0ee9-48e9-91a7-40a6e70778a6_zps0347c560.jpg


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