Sunday, March 16, 2014

4" The Walking Dud from Truecast Studios

Alright, I went to Planet Comic-Con Kansas City this weekend. While I was there getting the new Kabuto Mushi's from the Truecast Studios table, I saw these guys. I found them to rather intriguing. At first, I bought one of the mini Walking Duds, which I'll review later. As the day winded down, I decided to go back and get a larger one. The figures come in little ziploc bags with a header card.

 photo a9d16fb5-02c9-4de6-aed4-f479441e1f12_zps7afb6b07.jpg

 photo bd037c70-16b7-4ce5-bb9a-4836170d7111_zps15c21298.jpg

These guys come in three different sizes with several different pricepoints. First, there are the small 2" figures. These are made of rubber or a harder material (plastic or pvc, I can't remember). The one made of harder material literally looked like a dehydrated fruit, which was a REALLY neat effect. They were $10 at the show and $15 on truecast studio's website. Next, there is the 4" Walking Dud, which is the one pictured. They go for between $35-$75. The $35 ones are not painted. They can come in solid colors or be made of several different colored parts. I do believe the eye on mine is painted. The $75 4" Duds are fully painted. Truth be told, I fell in love with one of the $75 ones at the show, but cash was running low as it was at the end of the day, so I opted for the next best thing, which was the color molded version picture below. Next there are 7.5" ones that go for $75 for molded colors and $125 for fully painted.

 photo 30cbc5d8-0f92-44c4-95ae-6b82116a3e60_zps20a4006d.jpg

Right out of the package, I was floored at the molded detail on him. There are sinewy bits all over the place. His shirt is molded to look like its in tatters and has seen better days. There was a version with no painted eye but his mouth open with a tongue, which I also believe is a separate piece that can be moved and removed. More on that later.

 photo 66921465-ed0d-4f4d-a240-23a694be3227_zps7cfc3e84.jpg

His arms are articulated at the shoulder and elbow with a swivel. Each piece has a plug that fits into the next piece, similar to a glyos bit, but not the same size. He also has a swivel waist and neck. The larger versions also have a removable eye from what I saw.

 photo 68b0a7a2-8e1f-4887-af7d-2c5f44076a44_zpscdd7f497.jpg

A face only a mother could love.

 photo 4e7767e7-00ee-468f-974b-683fb1fbdcd3_zps399352f2.jpg

This version also comes apart. Here you can see which pieces are molded together. The other arm that I do not have separated from the sleeve in this picture looks like it does come apart, but the rubber was thin enough that I was not comfortable taking it apart. I have little worry about the other pieces however. They squish out just fine and don't appear to have any threat of ripping at all.

 photo 4cc97d77-111e-4961-b4ab-1f0ccd6123cf_zps42e35559.jpg

 photo d84c2566-550a-4049-b17b-77614bd741aa_zpsa69764c8.jpg

Here he is with some other figures I had laying around.

 photo 40dff9c1-591c-478f-8d62-c19341bc4eae_zpscd5128fc.jpg

Here you see how bendy he is. Overall, I am VERY happy with this guy. He looks hilarious and he has a lot of character. These guys are very impressive to see in person. The painted ones are fantastic looking. If you're interested in snagged a Walking Dud of your own, check out their website here . They are also going to be at C2E2 this year. If you are into zombies or just want something goofy for your desk, check out one of these guys. The price may be off-putting, but the quality in these figures, especially the bigger ones with paint jobs, is very well done. The painted ones also have the kind of paint that isn't going to chip off easily, so you don't have to worry about that, seeing how the figures are made of rubber.

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